Yolanda as The Black Widow


If you’re familiar with Welch3 Photography, you know from time to time that we usually do themed or custom shoots, such as our Ink’d sessions and the infamous Little Black Dress shoots. One of the next themed shoots that is taking off faster than we ever expected is our "Hero or Villain" superhero sessions.

The premise is extremely simple:
- Take a superhero, villain, sidekick or supporting character from either the Marvel OR DC universe. Genders can be bent!
- Dress up as them with your own unique spin and flare.
- Get photographed at a REALLY low price.

It’s as simple as that. We don’t try to over complicate things over here.

As far as the list goes, we’re open to photographing any character as long as they have not been claimed or already shot unless we’re talking about a small child participating. For example, if we have an adult do Superman, we want to stay away from doing another adult. However, if we have already shot Superman and a small child wants to do it, that’s fair game. We want these shoots to be as diverse as the people participating and want to stray away from repeats. This is where the creativity and diversity is going to come into play.
We know there are multiple versions of the same character but from different universes so we may be able to allow them but no promises

The following list is broken down into two parts: Characters claimed and/or shot and those who we would love to get in front of camera and haven't been claimed yet. If you don’t see a name don’t worry, we may not have listed it but we still want to shoot it. This is list will be on a constant rotation so check back often. Any questions, feel free to ask using the form below.

And here...we...go!

Off the table:

  • Iron Man

  • Black Widow

  • Storm

  • Poison Ivy

  • Mystique

  • Spider-KID

  • Wonder Woman

On the table:

  • Peter Parker
  • Mary Jane
  • Bruce Wayne/ Batman 
  • Superman/ Clark Kent
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Joker
  • Harley Quinn
  • Jubilee 
  • Black Canary 
  • Green Arrow
  • Magneto
  • ALOT of Others
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